From: Milne, David - SNV Korca
Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 4:57 PM
Subject: Korca Region Donor Exchange Meeting

Hello all,
Just thought I would share the results of a Donor Information Exchange Meeting that SNV Korca orchestrated from behind the scenes.  Such meetings had taken place every three or four months before the last National Election but were discontinued, for whatever reason, after that point.  SNV Korca felt that it was worthwhile to work toward reviving these meetings (just as much for a our benefit as everyone else's as it was seen as a fast and efficient way to determine who is working in your area, find out what they are doing and, most importantly, determine who we might be able to work with).
We actually started the process with the Regional Council back in October/November 2005 planning to have the meeting in mid-December.  We helped develop an invitation list, drafted an invitation letter and Donor survey (see attached) for the Regional Council's review and approval with the idea being that the Council would then send these two documents out under its letterhead and host the event (as it should be!).  However, as most of you know, the Regional Head, Deputy Head and Secretary General were 'relieved' of their duties in December and replaced by three new people from the other party.  We quickly formed a good relationship with the new Regional Head and he finally saw the benefit of hosting such a meeting.
Xhilda should be complemented for all the work she did in quickly gaining the trust of the new people in the Korca Regional Council, especially the Regional Head, and in very short order, convincing him to go forward with the Donor Exchange Meeting.
The meeting was held on February 3rd, from 11:00 to 13:00.  24 people attended representing 14 different agencies.  12 (86%) of these agencies had completed the Donor Summary Sheet (see SNV Korca's attached) and either forwarded electronic copies or brought hard copies to the meeting for distribution.  SNV made enough hard copies of the electronic versions to be
distributed at the meeting.  The Regional Head welcomed everyone and stated that the purpose of the meeting was not only to exchange information but determine where collaboration and cooperation could take place among donors so that there was no negative overlapping.  He also stated that this was the
first of the quarterly meetings that would take place from this point on.
We were very happy to hear him say this as we were also hoping that this would be the first of ongoing meetings that would take place every 3 months and that these meetings would serve as a venue for the different donors to
determine where they might work together.
Each donor had 5 minutes to present his or her agency's summary and answer any questions.  The meeting ended on time with the Regional Head passing around a MOU (see attached) for each of the agencies to sign in support of ongoing meetings toward donors, under the direction of the Regional Council, working together where possible.  17 people willingly signed the MOU on behalf of all represented agencies with everyone in agreement.  The next meeting was scheduled for the same time on May 18th.
A very simple process that did not take too much staff time but allowed SNV Korca to very quickly meet and understand what donors were doing in the Korca Region.  One idea that came forth was the scheduling of donor meetings based on specific topics (e.g. tourism) in order to further focus activities and provide better service to our clients.  SNV will work behind the scenes to make this happen.
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